Camp Marimeta

Eagle River, Wisconsin    

Lantern Review of Camp Marimeta

They say you don’t get to choose your family. That may be true, but speak to the campers and staff of Camp Marimeta and you’ll find that their chosen camp family is the warm, happy source of strength that calls them home each summer. In fact, just one call to the camp office and you’ll know why there is a special bond among this community; the genuine, almost light-hearted conversation with Sandy Cohen or any of the directors is quick to wrap you into the family. You get the idea that they don’t so much worry about whether or not your daughter attends Marimeta; they’re sincerely delighted that you are considering a camp and simply want to know all about you and your family.

At camp, the directors have a clear desire to treat each camper and counselor as their own child. For example, during the first week of camp, Sandy and Terry Cohen and Jacqui Solomon take the time to tuck each of the young campers into bed each night. Even prior to arriving at camp, all new campers are partnered with two or three “big sisters” to help smooth the transition to the new camp experience. The key may be found in the dedicated focus on making sure that each counselor feels important and cared for. This is an acknowledgement in a belief that a happy counselor is an effective one, and the directors’ outward modeling of a deep appreciation for their staff helps create a caring counseling staff.

The daily program is chosen by the campers and generally separated by skill level. There’s an expectation that campers must take swimming, canoeing and kayaking during each week, as well as an expectation that younger campers opt for a range of sports and activities throughout camp.

Each of the girls of Marimeta is given a necklace when they come to camp. Colorful beads to create the necklace are earned during camp through activity skill mastery or through demonstration of moral values like kindness or helpfulness. This charming tradition is a source of pride for the girls and most importantly reflects Marimeta’s focus on developing a moral fiber in each girl. Each week, counselors focus on a new moral value to develop among the cabin group and as each is demonstrated by the girls, beads are given to them to reinforce the value of their positive behavior. For the larger community, the cabin groups can earn beads which are accumulated in a jar in the cabin and used to “buy” things during summer. The result is a community of girls that values caring and gratitude.

The quaint red cabins that dot the wooded shoreline of this classic northwoods camp are happy ones. If a camp is a reflection of its directors, it makes sense that Marimeta’s office is home to positive and joyful directors. It also makes sense that the campers and staff frequently take time to stop by the office simply to share in the happy spirit.

Fast Facts

  • Girls Only
  • 170 Campers per Session
  • 4-week; 8-week
  • Founded in 1947
  • $$$

Director's Message

Simply put- Marimeta is the place you want to come to! We have the most beautiful setting and buildings- as many other camps do- but it is the feeling that you get when you enter Camp Marimeta that is different to anywhere else. The campers are friendly and kind to each other- whether they are 8 years old or 15 they know everyone at camp! We mix tables each week and our campers change beds each week...both unique activities that encourage our family atmosphere. We truly believe we are changing the future, one camper at a time.

Program Highlights

  • 42 Activities
  • Team Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Individual Activities
  • Drama
  • Tripping
  • Waterfront
  • Academic
  • Forest
  • Rural

Top 5 Activities

  • Waterskiing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • High Ropes Course
  • Arts and Crafts

Travel Information

We have luxury coach buses that drive up from the Chicago area. We will arrange airport pickups from O'Hare airport, in Chicago. If campers wish, they can also fly into Rhinelander, Wisconsin. We will arrange transportation from there to camp (it is about 45 minutes away).


Camp Marimeta

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(715) 479-9990

Jacqui Soloman