Camp Mowglis

Hebron , New Hampshire    

Lantern Review of Camp Mowglis

At some point in every boy’s life, there comes a time when he imagines escaping into the woods to explore and discover, to build his own campfire after a day among the trees and forest creatures. If this story sounds reminiscent of the classic Jungle Book, that’s because it is. It is this spirit of adventure that’s captured by a truly unique place called Camp Mowglis.

Over a century ago, Camp Mowglis was founded to mirror the vital lessons of Kipling’s (and Disney’s) classic, The Jungle Book. Before you’re tempted to imagine your son running free deep in the jungle, let’s clarify. Here, the goal is for boys to develop teamwork, empathy, community and self-control through a renewed connection with the outdoors. Mowglis feels that many of the most valuable lessons are best learned in an environment where life lessons are on daily display while living close to nature.

The program here is carefully structured with clear progression built into each activity. What this affords the boys is a set of clear expectations and goals that can be reached with guidance and instruction from their counselors. As skills are acquired by the boys, they earn ribbons that demonstrate proficiency or mastery in skills like crew, or woodcraft or any other range of traditional camp activities. It’s an intentional format that subtly builds confidence.

Each Thursday is spent out of camp hiking the nearby White Mountains. If your son is interested in outdoor adventure, then Mowglis is well-suited to helping him to be his best through these excursions. It’s an attractive balance to the teamwork developed in camp, and that’s on display during their annual Crew Week, which began in 1903 to recreate the storied Harvard-Yale crew races. It’s spirited, fierce and friendly.

It’s been said that a singing camp is a happy camp. If so, then Mowglis is all smiles; original Camp Mowglis songs can be heard echoing through the forest all summer long. There’s an understated charm to this camp. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s anchored in a clear philosophy handed down through a classic novel, or the quiet confidence of the legacy of fourth generation campers, or maybe it’s simply the reflections at the nightly campfires that provide the comfort of a supportive community.

Fast Facts

  • Boys Only
  • 100 Campers per Session
  • 3-weeks, 4-weeks, 7-weeks
  • Founded in 1903
  • $$

Director's Message

Thank you for taking some time to learn about Camp Mowglis. Mowglis is a very unique, high quality camp that makes a lasting, positive impact on the young men who attend it. Even at the earliest ages, Mowglis campers go on hiking trips, explore our beautiful lake, learn our camp songs, begin to learn the sport of crew, and everybody sits together for camp-fire at the end of the day. I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have about Mowglis... or if you just would like to hear more about our unique program. Thanks! Nick Robbins Director

Program Highlights

  • 20 Activities
  • Team Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mountains
  • Individual Activities
  • Drama
  • Tripping
  • Waterfront
  • Forest

Top 5 Activities

  • Crew
  • Hiking
  • Sailing
  • Archery
  • Woodworking

Travel Information

Most people drive. We pick-up / drop-off at Boston Logan International Airport, and Manchester, NH Airport.


Camp Mowglis

(603) 744-8095