Four Winds Westward Ho

Deer Harbor, Washington    

Lantern Review of Four Winds Westward Ho

How magical to board a ferry, setting off into the foggy ocean horizon among the bays and inlets of the Pacific Northwest, coming ashore on Orcas Island. Once there, you’re greeted by charming cottages with details preserved from a storybook past. It is as though time has stopped here at Four Winds * Westward Ho. Indeed, it’s a simpler, slower life set among fanciful and whimsical details like hand carved benches, a two-story tree house, bayside amphitheater and even vintage camp uniforms for everyone at camp.

Yes, time has slowed here, perhaps even stopped, which somehow makes Four Winds possibly even more relevant today. The details at this camp speak to the tradition of creativity which is so valued here. Whether writing and reciting poetry or creating crafts, a community for the arts thrives at Four Winds.

Beyond the community-building tradition of the arts, the sailing program anchors a wonderful waterfront program. From paddling 50-year-old war canoes to kayaking the inlets, sailing lasers or skippering their iconic 61-foot yawl Carlyn, the waterfront activities benefit from the protection of a large bay, an ideal location to develop seamanship.

Ashore, the horseback riding and other traditional camp activities provide a breadth to the program. Always bent to the creative, Four Winds puts their special spin on these traditional activities, creating a fun and whimsical atmosphere throughout the camp program.

The whimsy of the program promotes an inclusive culture that fosters friendships, expression and healthy boundaries among the coed groups. Opportunities to leave Orcas Island aboard Carlyn for up to three weeks, or to kayak to nearby islets, provide wonderful opportunities for the adventurous spirits at Four Winds.

If the big picture of Four Winds * Westward Ho is the creative, simple and community-oriented life, it’s the details among the facilities and the staff that create this storybook culture.

Fast Facts

  • COED
  • 170 Campers per Session
  • 4-week
  • Founded in 1927
  • $

Director's Message

We embrace the idea of traditional camp. For us, that means building community. Our outcomes are amazing friends, increased independence, character building, and an appreciation for the simple things. All our activities are vehicles towards that end. Our founder's motto was, "Community, Creativity, and Simplicity," and we still embrace that today.

Program Highlights

  • 40 Activities
  • Team Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Individual Activities
  • Drama
  • Tripping
  • Waterfront
  • Forest
  • Rural
  • Remote

Top 5 Activities

  • Sailing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Trips
  • Music
  • Pickleball

Travel Information

Air, bus, water taxi, car. Closest airport is Seattle.


Four Winds Westward Ho

(360) 376-2277

(208) 290-1358

Paul Sheridan