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Brant Lake, New York    

Lantern Review of Brant Lake Camps

One of the great legacy camps of the US, Brant Lake boasts three generations of family leadership since it was founded in 1917. With a tradition-rich culture steeped in history, Brant Lake nonetheless refuses to be easily categorized, counting innovation in camping as among its many strengths.

The subtly terraced campus is a blend of the natural and the manicured, a mix of wooded, lake environment and landscaped grounds, with flowers in bloom and fountains bubbling. What happens in the program, though, is the real story here. Historically, Brant Lake has been a top-tier boys camp, but true to its willingness to try new things, two focused girls programs, one in dance and the other in sports, has broadened the Brant Lake family.

Within the boys program, Brant Lake has implemented a unique “mini camp” system designed to develop sports skills among different age groups. Inherent in this system is the notion that boys’ skills and coordination improve as they age, and the well-designed system helps the campers thrive within their own skill set. What is revealed by the structure is true skill development, and what is created is genuine confidence. The boys discover a joy in friendly competition, learn the value of teamwork, and develop a greater sense of sportsmanship.

The two girls’ programs run concurrently (but separately) with the boys'. Both are open to older girls (starting at age 12) who either hope to improve their dance skills (in disciplines ranging from ballet to hip hop, tap to enchoreo and everything in between) or sports skills (in sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis and more). Again, an opportunity for competition is balanced with a process that keeps the ultimate outcome in perspective. By living in a traditional camp setting, the campers develop friendships in the larger camp community.

This dynamic program is made possible by a staff that is loaded with long-term counselors and supervisors. It’s top-heavy with leadership in all the right ways, resulting in extraordinary staff experience and expertise. The fact that each staff member also wears many hats, from cabin counselor to activity instructor, helps keep this a tight-knit community built on deep and meaningful friendships.

Just down a couple of miles down the road, you'll find Brant's sister camp, Point O'Pines Camp for Girls.

Fast Facts

  • Girls Only
  • Boys Only
  • 400 Campers per Session
  • Boys: 7-week Girls Dance: 4-week Girls Sports: 2-week
  • Founded in 1917
  • $$$$

Director's Message

Our focus is on happy, healthy campers who feel comfortable in the camp environment and know that their needs will be taken care of by caring counselors and key staff who know them well. We also take great pride in "Doing Sports Right" : great skill training and thoughtful, appropriate competitive opportunities. The tradition of Green and Gold adds to the legacy of life-long Brant Lake Camps families.

Program Highlights

  • 40 Activities
  • Team Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mountains
  • Individual Activities
  • Drama
  • Tripping
  • Waterfront
  • Forest

Top 5 Activities

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Waterskiing

Travel Information

Planes to Albany, NY, Camp buses from metro-NY area.


Brant Lake Camps

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Richard Gersten, Andrew Berlin, Dave Cramoy