Adirondack Camp

Putnam Station , New York    

Lantern Review of Adirondack Camp

Imagine waking to the fresh breezes off the lake in your open air cabin, a morning reveille from an actual bugler, and that walk with your friends down the wooded path to the dining hall for a family-style breakfast. This is the start of each day at the classic Adirondack Camp. Mornings like those frame the expectations for special days, and Adirondack Camp delivers much more than just a summer on the shores of Lake George.

Adirondack is one of the grand, generational camps of the US. In many ways, its culture is still the same as it was when it was founded in 1904. The program, however, has evolved into a thoughtful, dynamic one that focuses on the larger philosophical outcomes that allow kids to thrive. Tenets like spirit, creativity, and responsibility are more than just plaques hanging in the dining hall, they are part of the culture. What’s revealed through their program is a camp where kids can discover who they are, and a place where they can truly just be that person. Somehow, the pressure they may feel at school or at home is released, and their inner spirit emerges. It can be powerful.

The program is well-rounded, balanced among their four “pillars” of land, art, waterfront and wilderness. The campers choose their top twelve priorities prior to arriving at camp, and Adirondack does a nice job of ensuring that the campers’ preferred choices are met. It’s a solid mix of activities here, with waterskiing, culinary arts and kayaking as stand-outs among their many strong programs. What you’ll notice is the careful attention to progression within the activities, which tells you that mastery of a skill is possible and that there are opportunities to improve regardless of your level. Translation: you won’t get bored in the program. Instead, you will find challenge, growth and reward.

It isn’t all instructional here, though. The wilderness program is optional, but robust, and many of the boys and girls opt in to whitewater kayaking, hiking, climbing, canoeing and other trips. This is a wonderful part of the world to find adventure, and Adirondack Camp encourages its campers to embrace that.

And yes, the fun camp spirit is alive and well here. Color Wars and other special activities break up the routine and gin up some real excitement. Camp has got to be fun, after all, and the counselors deliver fully on that promise.

This part of upstate New York is an ideal spot for camp. The piney forest and rocky shorelines are picturesque. What’s interesting is how Adirondack has considered the advantages of this kind of space for its campers. They revel in the power of their surroundings on the peninsula, and embrace the obvious peace and comfort that can come from it. It’s reassuring to the campers, which allows them to drop their guards and reveal their true selves.

Fast Facts

  • COED
  • 195 Campers per Session
  • 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks
  • Founded in 1904
  • $$$$

Director's Message

Noonway! The Adirondack Camp peninsula is nestled on the northern end of Lake George in upstate New York. It has offered the promise of lifelong friendships, tremendous personal growth, and outrageous fun to children for 111 summer seasons. The unspoiled water of Lake George is one of the most treasured in the world. Roughly 195 campers and 90 staff arrive from over 18 different countries each summer. Together we forge a second “home” with our own core values and beliefs. Each summer I ask our staff to identify what is finest in themselves. With this introspection, our counselors help illuminate and guide their campers to do the same. Our focus on Adirondack Camp’s core values including leadership, creativity, effort, courage, and cooperation are demonstrated each and every day. Together we play and work, sharing the best of ourselves and striving to embody these values.

Program Highlights

  • 30 Activities
  • Team Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mountains
  • Individual Activities
  • Drama
  • Tripping
  • Waterfront
  • Forest
  • Rural

Top 5 Activities

  • Water-Skiing & Wake Boarding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sailing

Travel Information

Campers travel to camp by car, bus and plane. There is a bus pick up in New York City and Tarrytown, NY. We also provide chaperoned transportation to and from Boston Logan Airport as well as airports in Burlington, VT and Albany, NY.


Adirondack Camp

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Shawn Carraher