Camp Pinnacle

Hendersonville, North Carolina    

Lantern Review of Camp Pinnacle

Simply driving through the stone entry, past the white pines and rolling meadows, gives you an idea of what experience is waiting here at Camp Pinnacle. The organic, outdoorsy feel to this camp is a direct reflection of the camp’s thoughtful program that hopes to instill a true love for the outdoors.

The program is clearly balanced between the traditional in-camp activities and a robust tripping program, and you get the overwhelming sense that Camp Pinnacle truly loves the adventures, challenges and opportunities inherent to outdoor living. Here there is a fundamental belief that a two-week program can deliver the same experiences and outcomes that a four-week program can. To make it happen, it starts with the counselors.

Their staff embodies that laid-back, but intentional personality that you might find among professional wilderness outfitters. The difference is that these counselors know and love kids, and they take pride in sharing their outdoors skills while introducing campers to the many traditional camp activities. The counselors are carefully trained in wilderness skills and in modern child development practices. During staff orientation, the directors bring in a parent panel to share their hopes and concerns for the summer, as well as hiring a child therapist to address camper behavioral challenges that might emerge over the summer.

The camp program is cabin-based, meaning campers participate in their activities and trips with their cabin group. This format leads to a very tight bond among the campers within a cabin. To facilitate those relationships, the counselors coordinate a nightly “evening circle.” It’s a wonderful time of reflection that allows the campers to open up naturally to their peers, sharing their “plus” moments (great moments during the day) and their “delta” times (things they hope to change.) The evening circles demonstrate the thoughtful approach of this camp, hoping to empower their campers to identify and reflect on the good, and the not so good. It’s about teaching mindfulness and encouraging gratitude.

There’s so much to like about Camp Pinnacle’s traditional in-camp program that encourages campers to step outside their comfort zone, but it’s on the trail that Pinnacle hits its stride. This is a genuinely grounded camp whose campers leave happier and more confident.

Fast Facts

  • COED
  • 150 Campers per Session
  • 2-week, 4-week
  • Founded in 1928
  • $$$$

Director's Message

Renovating a classic summer camp and bringing together a counselor team to share our love for Pinnacle has been the opportunity of our lives. It’s the best gift we could have asked for, because Camp Pinnacle is truly the perfect place to raise our own four children. Knowing how important role models - who aren’t their parents - are to developing youth, we love being able to choose the young adults who will not only inspire your children, but also our own. We are eager to welcome you to the Camp Pinnacle family and are excited to treat your kids as if they were our own.

Program Highlights

  • 30 Activities
  • Team Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Mountains
  • Tripping
  • Waterfront
  • Forest

Top 5 Activities

  • High Adventure
  • Paddling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Mountain Biking

Travel Information

For your convenience, campers can be driven to Camp Pinnacle located near Asheville, NC or they can fly to one of the nearby airports: Charlotte, NC (CLT), Asheville, NC (AVL), or Greenville -Spartanburg, SC (GSP).


Camp Pinnacle

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