Why Lantern
In an effort to lead a clear, consistent and coherent message to promote the value of residential camps, Michael and Natalie Thompson founded Lantern Camps in 2013. Michael and Natalie directed Camp Chippewa for Boys, an independent camp in Minnesota, for twelve years. For more than 25 years, Michael worked in a variety of capacities in camping. Natalie brings expertise as both a mom and a psychotherapist, in addition to her camping background.
Why We're Here

Each of us who work at Lantern has a passionate belief that residential camps represent true camping. We are dedicated advocates in the lifelong benefits of overnight camp and Lantern Camps was designed to shine the light on the opportunities for growth found only within our camps.

How It Works

Camps that join Lantern benefit from a collective effort to support residential camping. Lantern strives to promote residential camping clearly, consistently and innovatively to help position our camps as the best choice for a child’s summer. We will work with each of our camp to help provide the best opportunities to be discovered by new camping prospects, while also offering broad and relevant opportunities to be found within Lantern.


Lantern provides simple and clear pricing. We believe all camps should be equally represented within the site, thus we have a simple one price listing available to all of our camps with no preferential treatment through listing arrangement or prioritization.

Lantern Camps
Natalie & Michael Thompson
Lantern Camps, Founders